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Mobility Pack

The Mobility Pack offered by CoolDrive is the addition of 2 complementary services to make your next trip in a motorhome easier ...


An eSIM with a few GB of data

This eSIM gives you an Internet connection while you travel.

Simple to connect and use on your smartphone, the eSIM lets you surf the Internet without having to worry about your mobile package or the extra cost of using data abroad.

The eSIM offered contains an average of 5 GB of data, although this may vary depending on the destination. Of course, these few GB of data won't allow you to surf the Internet unlimited or watch your favourite series in streaming. But they should be enough for reasoned and useful browsing during your trip. For example, you can use the Park4Night+ application to find the next place to park for the night!

Some questions you may have about eSIM :

Is my phone compatible?

How do I install the eSIM?

When should eSIM be installed?


Park4Night+ premium version for 1 year!

Park4Night is the mobile application that lets you search for nice public or private places to spend the night in peace in your motorhome, camper van or van.

The free version of the application is already very rich and useful, but we have decided to offer you access to the premium version of Park4Night+ for 1 year so that you can take full advantage of all the application's features before and during your journey.

Some questions you may have about the application :

How do I activate the code you gave me?

Find out more about Park4Night and its premium version


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