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Excess Refund Insurance

You’re about to rent a vehicle that is insured. The insurance excess (deductible) is mentioned in our quotes. The excess varies from a rental company to another and from a model to another and applies for any occurrence of damages. This means if the vehicle is damaged during your trip, you will be liable for the cost of repairs up to the amount of the insurance excess.

We suggest a no worry rental by booking this insurance that will refund the excess in case it has to be applied by rental company.

This insurance is pertinent when excess is high and the duration no too long less than 30 days.

How does it work?

This insurance covers all damages, but it is an external product independent from the rental company itself. So the rental company will apply its procedure and will ask for safety deposit on pick-up day and will apply the excess in case of damages.

It means that in case of damages, you will pay the excess to the rental company and the you will send all requested documents to insurance company that will refund you the excess within 7 days.

We offer comprehensive full protection cover with RentalCover which has no deductible and absolutely no exclusions.


Which insurance should I book?

You may notice that some rental companies offer excess reduction or excess cancelation. So, the excess refund insurance is not relevant when the file is already with no excess when all-inclusive package selected.

So, you have to make an arbitrage:

  • the excess reduction/cancelation from the rental company stand alone or included in an all-inclusive package. Advantage: safety deposit reduced or canceled, reduced or no excess charged at return
  • the excess refund insurance . Advantage: much cheaper but you must pay a safety deposit to supplier that may not be refunded if damages and it will be refunded by insurance only after return within 7 days when claim file is completed

At pick-up time :

Please note that the excess refund insurance proposed is totally independent from the local rental company. So, the local agent in charge of the handover is not aware of it and might propose you excess reduction or cancelation. They are totally not useful if you have already booked the excess refund insurance with us. So please decline it otherwise feel free to take it if you haven’t had the opportunity to select it in our offer.

You need more explanations ?

Please write us at (contact@cooldrive-rental.com) and leave a message mentioning your phone and we will get in touch.


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